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An artist in the making...


I am a 72 year old mother of 3 and Grandmother of 5. After 25 years,
working as a Criminal Investigator of White Collar Crime I retired and
sought to be the artist I had always wanted to be. Living in San Francisco
when I retired, I became one of the featured artists in the Annual Altered
Barbie show which ran for one month, each year in October in SF where
there was always a large following. See to see
my Altered Barbie Diorama. I received great press and attention from that
and more when I opened The Barbie Lady Gallery in Vallejo California. 


I moved to Silverton Oregon in January 2013, I realized that Barbie was not
nearly as popular here and began spending all of my time on my bead
work. I had been doing that for some years, but only as a hobby. Most of
my work consists of beads, trinkets, charms and other found objects glued
in place usually on a female mannequin torso, sometime a male. When
complete, they hang by the neck with a fancy rope on a common picture
hook. I showed one of my pieces publicly in May of this year (2018) at the
Keizer Art Association and received Best of Show and People’s Choice
Award. I entered another piece in July 2018 and it received Best In Show.
Four of my pieces were displayed in the Oregon Gardens, here in Silverton
Oregon, from the end of July until the end of Sept. 2018.


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